We put in a response to the consultation on the barriers to implementation of the Future Generations Act and here are our key points. We highlighted the following issues:

  • Communities have reacted swiftly and effectively during the pandemic to support people’s needs, and it is recognised by the public sector that a true partnership with local groups is essential to build a better future.
  • Public-sector organisations must develop a more trusting relationship with communities, and make co-production an integral part of the way in which they work.
  • Town and Community Councils could – and should – play a greater role in local democratic processes and actions to progress the delivery of the Act.
  • National policy – and a push! – are needed on local asset transfers to help strengthen communities, and on local procurement to help local economies.
  • The Act integrates the different policy streams of Government, so it needs to have a Minister in charge of delivering it.

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