Our Forum events centred on themes relating to communities of place and community development.

A series of three events was held over three months that brought together communities, third, public and private sector researchers, practitioners, planners and managers through presentations and discussions: 

  • Does it Count? – communities and community development research and evaluation;
  • Spotlight on the Arts – the value of the Arts on the wellbeing of communities;
  • Communities and the Green Agenda – explored the relationships between nature, people and wellbeing.

A fourth event on R&D in Communities of Place built upon the learning from ‘Does it Count?’, which pointed to a need in Wales for a programme of research and evaluation, supported by an infrastructure. The presentations and discussion looked at the reasons why overall investment and capacity in this broad-based field of research is low and there is still a push in some quarters to evaluate inappropriately based on the metrics of the public sector. The event also addressed concerns that communities need to be supported to build knowledge and skills and have the time and resources to evaluate and mechanisms for sharing the outputs of research and evaluation and more   support provided for collaboration and networking would be of value.  

Other Project Work by Together for Change