The 4Wards Project was funded by the UK Community Renewal Fund and took place from January 2022 to June 2022 in Pembrokeshire.   

Our successful application was written in collaboration with County, Town and Community Councillors representing the four Wards of Llanrhian, Solva, St. Davids and Milford East and we received £61,000 for the Project.

Community Action Researchers were recruited for each of the Wards to gather the residents’ thoughts and feelings about life in their communities, how they thought their lives and prosperity could be improved and sustained and whether collaboration by the participating Wards could help achieve this. Insights were also collected from community groups and representatives from third and public sector organisations over this three month period.

The Project aimed to:   

  • Build local insights and knowledge of life and prosperity in the communities in the participating Wards.  
  • Share that knowledge and use to improve connections in and between the Wards.  
  • Agree broad plans and priorities for cooperation and joint action to improve and sustain the wellbeing of the population.  
  • Improve understandings and synergies between statutory service provision and local needs.  

We believe assets, both human and built, vary greatly across place based communities. The contrast of urban and rural locations, density of the populations and different demographics across the areas have all provided good opportunities for shared learning. 

The Project also set out to look at the benefits of cross border cooperation and collaboration on matters related to the economy and business, health and wellbeing, social care and support, and the environment. There is evidence from other parts of Wales that such arrangements can improve political and policy engagement and accrue benefits for communities in relation to connectedness and asset ownership. The 4Wards Project addressed these issues and was a pilot with the sharing of learning across the two geographical areas built in from the outset.  

A report of assets of the four Wards was commissioned and can be read below:  

An End of Project report brings together the findings from the Project and identifies the next steps for the 4Wards Project. This can be read below: