The pandemic made it imperative that organisations worked together more closely.

Community-led groups and organisations demonstrated just how resourceful and adaptable they could be in a time of crisis and played a crucial role in supporting their populations and sharing good practice for the benefit of others.

It was a time when organisations were reflecting on the complex and wide ranging effects on the health and wellbeing of people as individuals, groups, families and communities of place. The notion of community played a central role in these reflections: how to be strong, resilient and resourceful. Interest was ignited or reignited in the social and green models of wellbeing: how we connect with each other, and how connectedness can be supported; the use we make of our local assets and the ownership of those assets; our economic model, and how it could be improved; the sources of our food and length of our food chains; the use we make of our services and so on. 

The Ten Point Plan to Benefit Community-led Action and Communities was born of these reflections. 

At this critical time, when the need to recover and rebuild for a better, fairer society in which communities share power to determine the policies that impact on them was driving decisions, we asked senior leaders from the public and third sector to answer the question: What does community mean to you? 

The videos we recorded were all captured on zoom at a time when covid restrictions were imposed.