We launched the Ready to Go Project in January 2021, for individuals and groups wanting to strengthen their long-term impact on the wellbeing of their communities.

Ready to Go provided an opportunity to work with a small charity, Solva Care, and draw on aspects of the organisation’s work that have been published in the Solva Care Toolkit. 

The Project was coproduced with a small team from Solva Care. It began life as a project to disseminate the Solva Care Toolkit but evolved into an action research project which aimed to share experiences of positive actions, ideas and good practice in communities to support and encourage more sustainable community led initiatives. 

The Solva Care Toolkit is a resource developed by employees, volunteers and trustees of Solva Care to collate the learning of a small, grass roots organisation in the rural, coastal community of Solva in Pembrokeshire. Solva Care has been sustainably operating for five years and during that time the organisation has evolved, developing its strategy in response to evidence-based research, evaluation and best practice. At the heart of this work is collaboration around ideas and exploration of assets, priorities and needs to build on existing strengths. 

During the Project, the team worked with two communities, Llanrhian Connected Community and Llangwm Village Voices. There was a small working budget for each Pilot Project and the Programme ran until the end of 2021.

We also developed a bank of online resources during the Project. This included practical tools and guides, relevant articles and useful links. In addition to this we created opportunities to learn new skills through hosting a series of Masterclasses for communities. 

Report coming soon – Summary Report ENG + CYM

Podcast ‘Ready to Go’