Events to generate practical ideas on big societal challenges

17 Speakers
5 Events
October – December 2022

Communities have responded to the recent sense of lurching from crisis to crisis by connecting with each other and being creative and resourceful. Organisations, from all sectors, are working together, listening to and acting on the needs of communities. The Ideas Unlimited series aimed to examine the many serious, entrenched problems in our society, that are crying out for radical solutions along with pooling knowledge and considering possible solutions in order to improve the collective wellbeing of our communities.

The series of online and face to face events brought together community members, third sector organisations, social enterprises, community groups and public health services to discuss some of the most significant issues facing communities. 

Two main messages became apparent from the events, that of grave concern for the wellbeing of society given the permacrisis we find ourselves within and also the immense strength and resilience within communities. This is not to dismiss the struggles faced by so many but to recognise a sense of hope, that communities, when adequately resourced, have the power to come together and make meaningful change to improve the wellbeing of society.