We are an inclusive, innovative and hard-working team.
We bring knowledge and skills from diverse sectors, working together for a fair and equal society and a healthy planet. 

Sue Denman

Founder and Trustee of Together for Change

I work with the Team to set the direction of Together for Change and design and evaluate projects in partnership with others. I am passionate about building community power and strength for a better life for all. We need a new way of thinking about wealth – one that is more evenly distributed and is mindful of the effects our actions on future generations. I have a professional background in research and development in public health spanning the private and public sectors. Professor Emeritus at Cardiff University.

Jessie Buchanan

Founder and Coordinator of Together for Change 

My role is to ensure everything we do at TfC makes a difference and is coordinated with our many partners. I believe in the power of working together towards a common goal as good relationships are at the heart of effective community development. I am passionate about finding sustainable solutions to the climate and ecological crisis which is crucial to the wellbeing of society and influences our ability to tackle inequalities relating to health both locally and globally.

Rachel Kelway-Lewis

Together for Change Research Officer

Rachel has been the Research Officer for TfC since October 2022. 

I am passionate about tackling inequality and climate emergency which are intrinsically linked. I have an academic background in sustainable development and sociolegal research. I also have experience in the housing sector focused on homelessness and rural housing solutions. My aim is to support the voice and power of communities into the decision-making process.

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Ella Starling

Together for Change Anchor Officer

I have been the Anchor Officer for TfC since January 2023, holding responsibility for administration and communications within the programme.

My background is in the arts alongside environmental activism and volunteering within the arena of social justice. I am now dedicated to supporting the growth and effectiveness of community action and amplifying community voices, believing community power to be the answer to mobilising positive change for people and the planet.

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