We believe

in a fair and equal society and the rights of all to have a good life, now and in the future.

We work

with communities and organisations on ideas that could make life better for people in those communities.

We help build

stronger communities by bringing their voice to decision making in matters that are important to them.

We provide

knowledge about the support needed by communities to make them well connected, strong and in control.


Current Work

Aspiration, Inspiration, Perspiration

A series of online events organised by RCP, TfC and PAVS

Research on Communities and Evidence

How can we strengthen the evidence base of action on wellbeing in communities of geography?

Engagement, Action and Influence Workshop

Discover insights from our community workshop

Facebook Posts

Mae hanes hir o ymgyrchu dros hawliau diwylliannol, gwleidyddol ac economaidd wedi siapio cenedl Cymru. Mae ymgyrchu dros greu newid cymdeithasol cynaliadwy yn cryfhau'r gobaith o gael poblogaeth a phlaned iach. Bydd y sesiwn yn cael ei chyflwyno fel gweithdy ymarferol gyda chyflwyniadau. Nod y sesiwn fydd cysylltu'r gorffennol â'r presennol a dangos 'ymdeimlad o'r posibl' wrth ymgyrchu dros y pethau sy'n bwysig i bobl a'n cymunedau.- Richard King, Brittle with Relics- Yvonne Murphy, Cyfarwyddwr Artistig a Chynhyrchydd Gweithredol, Omidaze Productions, The Talking Shop- Amanda Stone, Ymgynghorydd Annibynnol, Ymgyrchu dros Newid Cymdeithasol Cynaliadwywww.eventbrite.co.uk/e/campaigning-and-a-history-of-protest-in-wales-tickets-852244856307 ... See MoreSee Less
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