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ABCD Jamboree Cymru

Sue Leonard – Chief Officer of the County Voluntary Council in Pembrokeshire and Chair of CVCs Cymru, the network of CVCs that provide support for voluntary and community groups, social enterprises, and volunteers across the whole of Wales. I was delighted to be asked...

Partnership with the Public Sector

Developing a joint vision and strategy for our partners to commit to and work with us, and Pembrokeshire communities, to achieve real change.


A research programme designed to provide robust evidence in order to underpin decision making.

Action for Communities and by Communities

Sharing best practice with community groups and local governmental organisations.

What is Together for Change?

Together for Change is a Pembrokeshire-wide partnership programme funded by the National Lottery COVID-19 Response Fund, Wales. The project was founded by Solva Care – the fund holder – with partner organisations PAVS and PLANED. The COVID-19 pandemic and its implications for society has revealed the importance of community-level organisations at a critical time, with communities responding dynamically and compassionately to the challenges they faced. Together for Change is bringing together third- and public-sector organisations to establish a positive legacy from the experiences of COVID-19 and build on the important contribution of community-led action to the health and wellbeing of people in Pembrokeshire.

At its inception, the project convened two meetings which were held online in June 2020 on the Future of Support for Community-led Action in Pembrokeshire. The first meeting brought together third- and public-sector managers, and the second was attended and informed by community representatives. The meetings focused on developing an understanding of the impact of COVID-19 upon communities and how community-led action could be sustained in the future. Reports of the meetings identified three clearly definable areas for further work and informed the development of the 10-Point Plan and a commitment of Partners to community involvement and development.

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In July, we hosted our third Forum event, ‘Communities and the Green Agenda’. Find out more on our Events Page.

Together for Change’s Work

Together for Change’s commitment to working across sectors aims to bring a consensus on future approaches to the provision and delivery of support for communities. The Programme operates at a strategic level, developing strategy and planning that will inform an agreement and shared vision on community health and wellbeing within the county and at practice level, with communities, gathering knowledge, establishing strong understandings of existing structures and forging connections.

For more detail on the Workstreams, see below.

Workstream 1:


Creating a joint vision and strategy

The programme will forge an agreed strategy across the public and third sectors that will reflect a social and green model of health and wellbeing, and one that delivers the Well-being of Future Generations Act.

The starting point has been the drafting of a broad set of principles on what Together for Change is trying to achieve and how, and what the commitment of its partners should be. This has now been agreed and can be downloaded.

Find out more on the Strategic webpage.

Workstream 2:


Robust evidence to underpin decision making

This workstream will collate and use evidence and undertake research and evaluation.

Together for Change has collated a Knowledge Review of sources of knowledge on wellbeing, communities and community-led action, is looking at mapping of community assets across Pembrokeshire, examining sustainable funding models for community groups, and investigating social return on investment modelling and creating causal maps.

Find out more on the Research webpage.

Workstream 3:


Action for communities and by communities

Sharing best practice through dissemination of the Solva Care Toolkit, and other support, to communities developing their own networks and organisations through the Ready to Go Shared Learning Project.

Working with PLANED to engage with town and community councils in order to strengthen local democratic processes and engagement, and getting young voices heard is also being investigated.

Find out more on the Communities webpage.


“Public-sector organisations have, quite rightly, recognised our important role and want to work with us and support us to continue. So that there is a legacy left behind from the energy that has been sparked by the crisis”

Sue Denman, Solva Care Trustee and Together for Change Programme Lead

The 10-Point Plan

Together for Change’s 10-Point Plan has been developed with partner organisations and sets out a broad set of principles on what we are trying to achieve and how, and what the commitment of partners should be. 

Programme Latest...

Read more on the News page.

Rural Health and Care Wales Conference 2021

Rural Health and Care Wales Conference 2021

Rural Health and Care Wales Conference 2021 (9 & 10 November): When Challenges lead to Change – improvements and innovation in Rural Health and Care Cynhadledd Iechyd a Gofal Gwledig Cymru 2021 (9 & 10 Tachwedd):  Pan mae Heriau’n arwain at Newid – gwelliannau...

“This support feels as important as ever to help strengthen the services provided in the community and help them adapt to an ever-changing world”

Rose Seymour, Engagement Support Officer, Newport